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4-24-24 -

This meditation feels as if the Bird beings are close. But also feels like they are a part of the Amara collective speaking.


Climbing the mountain.

Peace in the chaos of your world.


…Clipping of the wings. The tieing of the feet..... Servitude.

 You wonder, WHY have you chosen this? How might you break free of it? Just like the spinning merry-go-round, spinning faster and faster. You can't seem to get off of it.


You must decide … and take steps toward that which you desire.

Frustrations…miring you in the mud…..the stickiness of it permeates to the core.

You long for the days of freedom.

While also being ashamed of thinking such things….And as the hairs go grey upon your head…your resolve weakens… your posture goes slack.

 You resign yourself to the drudgery of this life. Giving this one up as a lost cause.


 We say, What if you could rewrite the script? For each day that you live and walk upon this earth, in this body in this lifetime. Each day you have choices that you can make that will set upon a different course for your future, moving you on to the timeline of your higher choosing.

What would inspire you to begin?

- We transmit now the healing frequencies of hope and …Second Wind…. Inspiration, insights, stamina and energy and joy. Start your engine to fire up your mind and your heart to begin moving toward your goals and OUT of your pit of despair and loneliness and resignation.

For we wish for you not to look around you and say “Well This is how it is. I will just be like everyone else. I must get older, I must get weaker, and fade away.”   You MAY do that if you wish, but you do not have to.

Make the CHOICE to begin. Begin this new chapter in your life.

Give it a new COLOR, a new FRAGRANCE, a new SONG. We give you the task of doing this.

We give you the task of…. closing your eyes, taking three breaths, imagining a color of renewal.

 Flip through your playlist, of your music…… Fall upon the song that comes to you intuitively for your new theme song.


Wear your new COLOR Play your SONG every day as you wake. Play your SONG every time you begin to feel your energy falling. Lifting the vibration ever so slightly to ‘click’ you into the  new being of you. Set your sights upon what you wish to accomplish… the next year, even the next 6 months of your time.


  Have fun with it.   Create what you call a vision board where you will find images to place before yourself to remind you that ‘all things are possible’. This visual cue will alert your spirit and your subconscious to bring those things to you in the most appropriate way.


We ask also that you pick a smell, A Fragrance that uplifts your spirits. This could be lemon, this could be roses, peony, saffron, lavender, orange peel, Frankensense …..something from your childhood perhaps, honeysuckle….. Choose this fragrance that uplifts you and breathe this in every day just as you do the song and the color. Wear your color, smell your fragrance and listen to your song….. and perhaps even gaze upon your pictures of representations of your future.


And we say WATCH in the coming weeks how your life unfolds differently, how it becomes fragrant and alive again.


….Spread your wings. We wish to see you flying….. We wish to see you taste the wind and the rain and the snow.


Hold your head up , Dear traveler.  For your journey has only begun.

And what an exciting one it will be it will be!


 When I feel down, I start with this song, it is like a balm to the Soul

Then I go for a more upbeat playlist to get the energy moving...sample playlist


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