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Sacred Allies and Amplifiers

Jewelry and decor to enhance your connection and empowerment 

These are tools of the Soul that powerfully remind you who you are~ an infinite Being of Light

The shop will have a new upload of tools around 1/4/24. Contact me to be notified when they are stocked

There are 3 types- pages COSMIC - EARTH - PYRAMID

I have spent months of trial and error perfecting my formulation of the Matrix (the white stuff)  inside these devices, the core that runs the engine so to speak.  Each component in My Mystic Mix was sourced from across the world for it's unique and beneficial properties.  Some of the ingredients include: Crushed Quartz for amplification of energy, Rochell Salt crystals (even greater piezoelectric than quartz), Lemurian Diamond Dust (clears and repels negativity), crushed blue Kyanite for communication/relationships and self clearing, Selenite for keeping the crystals clear and raising the energy, 99.9% pure silver for emotional balance and cleans the Aura as well as encouraging truth, brass for courage and truth,  Mica for energetic harmony, clarity, and sparkle.... and more...

Plus each device has at least 1 SBB Coil of 1/2 lost cubit length. SBB stands for “Spiral, Bifilar, Bifilar” coil. The term “Bifilar” means that the coil is made of wire that has it’s ends wound together in a parallel spiral configuration. Sometimes referred to as a Tesla Coil. This directs and amplifies the energy in a specific direction.

Above that, each one will have a special stone or multiple stones as a focal point to further add to the energetics.

Each is tested with a pendulum for proper energy flow and then blessed and dedicated in sacred ceremony within my Misha for optimal service to it's owner and all of humanity. 


Cosmic Connection Amulet

These pendants, brooches, and pocket pals that were created in a sacred ceremony and contain powerful Moldavite, Meteorite, Selenite, Shungite, Mica, quartz, and more. They also include Brass, Copper, and Iron.

If you feel a strong intuitive connection to multidimensional beings and other worlds, this type may be perfect for you. Each is unique and has been lovingly made with intention and Orgone technology to assist in transmuting and uplifting energy.

The primary purpose  is to help you connect with your true self, galactic family, and inner light. I make these Pieces with the intention of promoting peace and empowerment. When you are empowered, protection comes naturally. These little helpers will keep the energy flowing so you can do what you need to do in this world with complete sovereignty. Any heavy energy is transmuted into healing light with a simple breath. 

Earth Connection Amulet

Pendants, Brooches, and Pocket Pals created in a sacred ceremony using different stones that resonate with the Earth, such as Hematite, Jasper, Moonstone, Pyrite, Shungite, Amethyst, Calcite, Abalone, Selenite, Fossils and many more.


They are designed specifically for Earth Lovers who have a deep connection with Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) and all her elements - wind, water, fire, and earth. If you have a strong affinity for nature, saving animals, and playing in the mud,  then this pendant can help you emotionally and connect you with the vast healing power of our precious Earth.


Also, if you are someone who connects with the Elemental Spirit realm, you may be also drawn to these.


Purifying Pyramid

Small 2"- 3" pyramid to sit beside you and look pretty while uplifting , scrubbing, and energizing your space.

These are made in sacred ceremony with many different colors and shapes of stones and crystals

Each one is unique and packs a punch

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