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Lovely Feedback

Shamanic Journey

Aww Natasha! This was wonderful and feels so accurate. Like I have something on my mind on which to go with my next step and just waiting for something to give me the green light! I actually had the image of me driving the rollerrcoaster that people are on Saturday evening so it is interesting that you pulled that through. I am getting so close to the breakthrough and have felt something pausing me and draining me so I appreciate you tuning and clearing this. I do feel great this morning. Just really peaceful! So much gratitude for you!  Hugs!!

RSR Feedback

Wow!!! Just wow 👌 that  was amazing. I can't say I ever knew what RSR was and I will admit it kinda scared me, but gosh I'm intrigued, you ladies are doing the Lord's work, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I was inspired to do to tuning fork therapy and now I'm going to begin cleansing the building. Thanks for all the information about "", I have been so wrapped up in my own stuff I may not have paid enough attention to her, so thank you for the reminder. Oh gosh all of the information." E. Las Vegas

Natasha, Tara and Team,

Just wanted to send a quick thank you and extend my gratitude for the RSR session and work that was done on my behalf for my highest good. The report and recording was so thorough and extremely helpful. Much Love and Appreciation for all of you    

Thank you Natasha, Mary and Tara! Wow! So much resonates! I will definitely get back to you with probably a books worth of feedback. Thanks for checking on P too.

Thank you so much for the session and everything that you do with Tara and the Spirit teams. I got better and I really appreciate it for all of the assistance. Have a blessed week!

Hi Natasha, Tara and Spirit Team, Thank you so much for everything. I’m so grateful, feel more relaxed, energized and loved. I feel the energy shift to be more positive and powerful. I thank you all for your kind assistance and I truly appreciate all of the information that came through as they have been very insightful and helpful.

"I loved this so much, I am going to get a small glass collector case

to put this in so I can display it without it getting ruined.

I thought the reading was spot on in so many ways.

The art of the animal is beautiful. I thought it especially interesting as one of my

daughters can read souls and she said my soul is like a lotus bush/tree with a black

panther springing out when you walk by. So you certainly picked up on the big cat energy

which I have always had around me. And may even be part of that tribe.

My whole life I have said, I am like a cat either doing nothing or highly energetic and I definitely

have more than 9 lives :)

Anyway appreciate your talent and gifts so much. I am going to order more soon!!"

Kim M.


"Thank You Thank You Thank You.... I am in Love"

Tara A.


"I received it and it's beautiful! It's funny because when you said it was an ecosystem of sorts of course my mind was sending pics to my head and some of this seems familiar! You do beautiful work! I totally resonate with what came through on my spirit animal channeling <3

Thank you so much this it was needed at this time!"

Kelly S.



   Reiki Energy Work & Biofield Tuning
Natasha made me aware of ancestral energy blockages and literally jump started my own journey in self awareness, consciousness evolution, and quantum healing powers. By healing powers, I mean control over my own healing. She has helped me explore emotional and physical pain and is teaching me how to consistently return within to spiral out in higher consciousness and conscious awareness. Her work is like the missing key ingredient in my main stream quest for health. It is as if someone went into my soul and turned a light on. What I found there wasn't what I expected to see, and while the work before me is long and intense, I can see it for what it is and channel healing in layers and waves. I have a terminal degree in my field, am 53 years old. I highly recommend her bio field tuning as I experienced profound physical and emotional release under her care. The only other discovery in my life that can come close to what I am investigating with Natasha is that of motherhood and childbirth. I cannot recommend her gifts highly enough!
Submitted by Mag  

You won’t be disappointed! I hesitantly booked a session, having had not so much success with other practitioners. Not that it was the prior practitioners’ fault, but Natasha made me feel so comfortable and relaxed I was able to access the information I needed . Not only that, she was extremely patient, took her time and had so many tools in our toolbox.. and knew the most perfect ones for my needs. I’m just so very grateful. She’s wise and kind and I completely enjoyed every minute of the experience. I look forward to having more sessions in the future. What a gem!
Submitted by Tara 

   Sooooo Helpful!
I am so glad that I decided to do a session with Natasha. She made it easy for me to talk about my life questions and to express my desires. I gained so many insights and gave permission to myself to make decisions that I needed to make. It lifted my spirits and I feel better physically and mentally. My journey was one of love and healing. Natasha is skilled and gifted in her approach to all things. --SSE
Submitted by Sse

   Profound QHHT Session
I have been drawn to have a QHHT session after discovering Dolores Cannon’s work and her books several years ago. My exploration over the past 30 years of the mind-body connection as the way to heal physical and emotional issues has opened many doors along my spiritual path, and hypno-therapy was one of those doors I had not had the opportunity to walk through until I found Natasha Parvin here in Arkansas. As soon as I learned about Natasha through her website and her answers to my questions about QHHT, I knew that she was someone I could trust deep inside my head. My session with her was profoundly revealing to me and I felt totally safe in her hands and in the sacred space she created around us. She connected me with the information and the resolution I needed for the questions I had carried for most of my life, and helped me feel confident and strong with going forward as I feel I am meant to do. Natasha’s wisdom, open gentleness, and sensitivity, all presented in her professional manner, totally exceeded all my expectations for an energy therapy session. I am to be 70 years old this year, and what I learned about myself with Natasha’s guidance has helped me feel ready for many more fulfilling years. Thank you, Natasha, for this beautiful work you do to heal humanity and expand the Light in our world.
Submitted by Gerry 

   A Fantastic Practitioner
I had a great session with Natasha. It was my time going into the hypnosis state and she was a perfect practitioner to help me relax. She is patient and helpful in bringing out the answers you are looking to be answered. Its also very helpful that her voice and demeanor are soft and gentle. I'm so grateful to have had such an informative session with her! I highly recommend her, whether you are new or a seasoned person to hypnosis.
Submitted by Mandelyn 

   Quantum Healing
I found the Tasha through a Facebook group when she was offering free sessions. It sounded interesting and like something that my soul needed at the time I even got my boyfriend a session as well. I didnt know what to expect going in. I was so nervous initially just judging myself I'm a Justin go first. It didn't help LOL when I got into the session and begin the interview with Natasha a lot of tragedy came up for me. She made it really easy to talk to her she held space and created an environment that was comforting. She's very down-to-earth and easy to talk to. As the journey began I didn't really know what to expect and I had a hard time quieting my mind but eventually I got into it with ease and it was a piece of cake. So many wounds and healings needed, so many things rising to the surface I did not know what to expect initially but coming out of the journey was spectacular I was balling at some point and anytime you're balling it's good because it means you're releasing and releasing means you're healing. Experiencing Quantum healing and hypnosis for the first time on that level was quite an experience journeying into my own subconscious mind and into my heart space through Natasha's guidance was so helpful. I I came away from the session with much Clarity, much inner peace, and much understanding of myself. If you've been questioning Quantum healing, or needing a release and a fresh start having a session with Natasha is worth your while. She does this completely from the heart completely energetic and completely whole Integral and authentic. And being able to channel your higher self was even more amazing. A lot of the times as an intuitive and Healer I feel like I have a hard time getting in touch with my inner self my own needs my own insecurities and really uprooting them so I can be whole again. Natasha provided the space created the step and open the door way. For her I am truly Greatly. I love you Natasha.
Submitted by Alexandria C

    Truly amazing!
I was both excited and nervous about my journey with Natasha. Would it be like the therapy sessions I had been apart of in the past? Would it be awkward? Would I look like those hypnotized people on stage doing goofy things?! The answer is, simply stated, no. Natasha right off the bat made it incredibly comfortable for me and I felt at ease pretty quickly into our sessions. She also taught me a few different anti-anxiety techniques and sent me home with paperwork on how to practice those in times of need. My overall experience extremely surpassed my expectations and it is something I want to do again for sure! I have thought back on it fondly and with admiration for how gentle and reassuring she was with me. She was the perfect guide for my first time and I could tell she is extremely blessed at what she does. It was incredibly wonderful and something I would suggest to everyone.
Submitted by Lisa M. 

   Amazing Experience!
I don’t even know where to start in reviewing a session with Natasha. The entire day was awesome! My session was incredibly eye opening and the healing was out of this world. I have been lighter -literally and figuratively since my session. Natasha has a huge heart and is so gentle that the entire session is supportive, loving, and educational. I highly recommend Natasha ❤️
Submitted by Ann D. 

   Life changing
My sessions with Natasha have been profound, illuminating, and life changing. Natasha leads you along the journey with a steady presence asking excellent questions and perfect pacing. As a professional hypnotherapist myself I can attest to her excellent techniques for relaxing a busy mind and easing, even an inexperienced person into trance. Give yourself the gift of this session. You’ll thank yourself later.
Submitted by Julie Jones

   Amazing Experience!
I came into the session with very little understanding of the process or what might occur, but left enriched, refreshed and relieved of some issues I wasn't even aware of. Natasha was a awesome guide and did a fantastic job of walking this newbie through the prep and the session.
Submitted by Shawn 

   Fantastic experience!
First QHH session that I’ve ever had. Natasha was kind, gentle, patient, and fun! Her technique had me hypnotized so easily. She calmly and confidently guided me through some dark places and to some wonderful places. During our session she gave a voice to six different spirits who had attached onto me. She was able to help those spirits transition to the light, then help me by refilling those empty spaces with beneficial energy. She recorded the session and Was very quick in sending the video link. This video was a great reminder of what happened and the lessons that I was supposed to learn that day. Natasha really knows her stuff and I will be back again!
Submitted by Donald 

   AMAZING Session!
It's hard to even put into words how life-changing my session with Natasha was...major healing took place! I didn't know what to expect, but I went in with an open mind, and am so glad I had the opportunity to meet Natasha and experience this type of energy healing. I will definitely be back and would recommend her to my family and friends! P.S. Natasha's healing space in Searcy is amazing and filled with good energy!
Submitted by Amy M 

   Thank you so much for the work you do!
I wanted to tell you Thank you so much for the work you do! I have always had so much commotion and chaos in my mind and I am finally at peace. I realized that my higher self has no judgment and it's so beautiful to feel that within. You are a very nurturing, compassionate person and fun to work with, thank you so much. Personally, I feel like everyone would benefit from QHHT (BQH) and it opens up a beautiful healing journey within our soul, it straightens out the chaos. Again, thank you and much love. Jaclynn
Submitted by Jaclynn 

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