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This guide was interesting. a short message, but interesting. I really appreciate them giving it to me straight without shining rainbows up my bum :D


"Freedom takes many turns….there are many flavors.

It means many different things…

….Pulled apart…. Scanning the Stars… Systems of light.....

…Bringing anarchy. bloodshed, screams of agony. This is what has been chosen in the past, for the price of freedom.

~We're standing here on the precipice, a new world, new possibilities, and new arrangements. ~


Calling back all misguided ‘warriors of the light’

….. the weary travelers upon the path of “righteousness” and “Holy” missions.

Those Clawing the throat of the oppressor…. Becoming more bound by their need for revenge.  Strategies of Payback are implemented widely within the constructs of the human psyche.

 It is embedded like a tick gorging on the blood of humanity, injecting its venom, and parasites, to wreak havoc upon the population.


You must be free of it to evolve.

Freedom is a personal choice each one must make. Each individual must decide to forgive and forget, as you would say, although we would advise not forgetting completely as the forgetting allows reinfection- from ....not knowing any better.


Why do you feed upon one another? We have watched this tendency with great curiosity. There is so much available to you, but yet you choose to take from your neighbor, your friend, your family member.  Not allowing yourself to become your own sacred sanctity and level-headed self…..self-sustaining, drinking from the tap of the universe and sharing the overflow freely. There is a big gap in this step of evolution for the human.

…Some have become bridges to the new reality coming. Where All will be one, all will be taken care of in due measure. Not taken care of by others, but taking care of their own accord and of their own hand, of their own making.

When the realization that the power of the human is in the manifestation, the magnetizing to the self of all resources necessary for what you would term a happy life. You spend much time pushing these away and do not realize you are doing so. For you call out for the thing that you wish and it begins its journey to you… and you block it with other means.  For you, deep down, many are not ready for this thing that they have asked. So they passively, aggressively will block or push it away from them and then complain that it has not entered their reality. This is done on the subconscious level."


Okay, so tell us the solution. how do we break free?


"Calling the mind into accountability. You've let it run amok your whole life. Make yourself accountable for your choices. Use more of your senses in day-to-day tasks, and feeling, most especially your emotion.


For your whole body will tell you the answer, the yes or the no answer. You will feel it in every cell of your being if you were to pay attention. Not taking accountability is the flaw.

For humans, look to other humans for examples of how to conduct themselves. You see this quite often in your social media. This is like a great big experiment, social experiment you could call it. And if ,say one purchases a product and then touts its magnificence, the rest fall in line and will make a run upon the thing. To the delight to the manufacturer of the product of the day, it becomes scarce, people will fight to obtain it. Very interesting, these things that you do. Not everyone falls prey to this.

Some see it for what it is , when it's on a grander scale, but when it's in your own family and with communities, you may not recognize it as follow the leader-type mentality.

So if you feel an unnatural pull toward something or a decision for something or a desire for something, just go within and inquire as to why it is important to you. If it is important to you because it is important to someone else, because they found it intriguing and interesting, so should you not find it also? Doubly so, because you do not have this object that they have. This is a toddler mentality. They learn to grow out of it, control it, but not completely.

Because it was the nature of survival (in the past) to go along with the crowd, it is understandable that this would be in your longing and in your impulse. But we say to rise above such things.  You only need to take pause and examine. If you still desire this thing, just for the pleasure of it, and it is your true pleasure, not 'another’s pleasure' that you wish to also have. But if it is your true pleasure, something that would bring you joy in and of itself, go for it. you don't need another's approval for that.

But if it's only a trophy to boast, then the value is not what it is perceived to be. For next week, it will be something different. Constantly chasing the illusion of completeness when the wholeness of yourself is within reach, always. And other objects are merely playthings and trinkets to be enjoyed. We say play with this mentality, play with this manifestation.

Think of something that would be very nice to have, something that is not vitally important to your survival, something that would just be a small joy. This could be ice cream, a new dress, a crystal, toy, ….put it out to the universe that it would be nice to have it and thank you for having it and then let it go. See what happens. The flow moves quite fast and easily with no resistance."

 I'm asking, is this the Being that tickles my nose and face? I heard 'Ava' ( looking it up, the name Ava means ... Bird, voice, and life depending on country)

Can you show me something that would help me get to know you better personally.

Show me a representation of how you would like me to view you.


I'm hearing the song of 'Ave Maria'.    (Taking this to mean a Hail Mary….. like last chance)

Are you extraterrestrial or interdimensional? Do you have human lives?


"Built out of clouds and powered by the sun. We are all and nothing at the same time. Smoke and Light. Sparks. Lightening.... Not flesh and bone. Immortal. Observant. Curious. Watchers.

( I’m feeling Big eyes). can see in bright sun and in total darkness."

 Do you have healing capabilities? Do you have knowledge of the human body?


They are Showing me like monks, connecting with them, allowing them to do the impossible feats with their bodies? It seems they taught this skill.

Are we going to work together for healing and psychic surgery type energy? I'm hearing 'Beltane'. I'm not sure what Beltane is. ( looked it up. it starts May 1st, is a Celtic festival celebrating Summer and supposed to be when the veil between the Spirit and Fae realm is thin)

Anything left to be said about freedom? 

"Freedom is a choice. It's always a choice. You can choose to be bound or you can choose to let go. Be freed."

I'm asking how.


"Command it.....Know it."


Thank you. Alright, that's enough for tonight.


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