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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Going into this meditation to communicate with my guides... I heard "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" I always honor what is given that it may make sense in the end in some way. Upon looking it up after, it totally does make sense to the story LOL. Spirit sure has a sense of humor.

Guidance. Looks like the word is guidance for today. So let's just I'm going to try to drop in and give the information.


“You look for guidance do you not?  You look outside yourselves… like children looking to the parent…. to the authority figure. You hang your hat upon another’s experiences…. another's trials and tribulations and their foot upon the road of their traveling… their interpretation of the vastness of this lifetime. You all share a vibratory field. So in some ways, it will be similar. But in many ways, it will be different.


So we say that the guidance must ultimately come from within. Tapping into the higher part of yourself. For only you know what YOU set out to do and the path that would be the most optimal for your growth and achievement of your goals. Guidance is symbolic in many ways of this parent-mentor relationship. And you do become very attached and grateful for the guidance and as you move along through your experiences, you will meet many along your path that you have set in your path for different purposes to learn and understand different aspects from them.

Be careful, we say, for the danger lies in the pitfalls of darker ones with hidden agendas… not in the perfect service to others. Not in an evil way but … a off-putting offshoot of the original blueprint…. have veered into territories of not YOUR choosing. Do not be blinded and follow them aimlessly into the darkness, to the wilderness, being hit in the face with the brambles as you go along, for this was not your path, it is not made for you, it is not of your width and your breadth and your height and of your stature and of your energy. For they must go along their path and lead those who resonate with them along with them there.

Do not place your attentions upon this teacher or mentor who carries not the signature -vibratory pattern- that matches yours, (and I'm seeing puzzle pieces.)


Setting the foot upon the path of your own choosing ….and your path lights up before you as you step ….because it was set ahead of you…. for you to find. a flowering and gift …a present. If you find yourself at a dead end, this is a place to stop and to contemplate, reevaluate.

Guidance must come from within, not from without. Follow the leader is a common misconception of this reality. For who is the leader? Who is the all-knowing?

Coupled with a bit of sarcasm here. For you're close to mastering your own free will -service. At this point, there will be no need for trailblazing elders. For when the path lights up in front of you and the seas part ahead of your asking….This will be all you need to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


But we also know that it is valuable for the human experience to have those who come before us and those who com behind us. Waypoints of interaction where we hold out the hand and lift the next one up to our level who are on our path. And we say ----do this with humility and with pride. As you lift them up, -and even past your own self.

For there is no lesser or greater than in this capacity. It's only the path and the experience upon it.

So if you should stop and smell the roses once in a while, this is within the plan. This is not a detour. For this plane is orchestrated and created for these pleasures.

And We say if you never stopped along the way, what would be the point in arriving at the destination? Whooping and jumping for joy that you have arrived,…. but with no memory of the journey- The exploratory nature- the bag would be empty.

We say fill the bag with the experiences, for that is what you are bringing to the table. You are bringing to the table the Experiences!

If you arrive with an empty bag…. you will just send yourself back to gather more…. to begin again on a different path, perhaps, with different obstacles and different teachers. Take a look at where you are now and evaluate ….what is in your bag?


 If we should look and rummage around in this, would we find hard lessons learned and joys and triumphs and all nuances of delicate interactions? We should hope so. We should hope that we would find all these things. The sifting and the sorting is part of the plan.


For each trauma brings its own rewards, lessons, and paths to take.

Perhaps the trauma was the thing to knock you onto the different highway upon to travel. We do not see it as such, even though it is experienced as so in this reality.

Take a greater part in your own Guidance. And if you are sat in the crossroads, not knowing where to go, sit in the silence and be comfortable in it.

So the guidance can only come from within yourself, from a greater part of you that you can access. It only takes a bit of practice, and quieting of the mind. The most difficult thing is the quieting of the mind…


So many things to do... you say


Guidance is always available to you. At times it will be a physical person set upon your path to relay this guidance in the ways that you would accept and understand. But we also caution again, not to become transfixed or dependent upon any individual.


For YOU are the path and YOU are the way. “


(Seeing a picture of an Ankh. Some sort of symbology here.)

… crashing… crash course in humility…. donuts without the sprinkles.... clinging to false prophesies 40% low? 40% something. What does that mean? 40% aware 60% Oblivious. 


"Nearing the tipping point. Keeping up with the Joneses keeps those distracted from true joy, true experience. Find out what it is that brings you joy and sparks your light. For as we said before, it is what you …the thing that you take with you is your memories and that is what is celebrated in the end. Getting to the end is no prize. There is no prize at the end. There is no prize.

THIS is the prize, THIS is the whole point of it. What will you manifest today using your awareness and your guidance of your inner being? 

You must feel it from within you. If it does not feel right, inquire within as to why.


And ask that any density be lifted. For it could be an infringement of an intrusive energy, or it could be you being your own worst enemy -from your fears. HONEST self-inquiry is the only way you will know, and you will be prepared to remedy the situation and to move forward joyfully.


 It's not the case of winning. It is WHO can become more of themselves in the end. WHO can arrive with a full bag of experiences and also be able to say they have been true to their path and have lived their life honorably to the best of their ability.


Go forth and make hay while the sun is out. For it will be more difficult in darker times to find the joy. So you will need those memories to remind you that better days are coming.


….and to manifest those into your reality, regardless of what is going on around you.

Protect your heart from the intrusion of others and their ideas for your life. For guidance is a double-edged sword. Others may attempt to guide you for their own purposes. Not honoring your path, what you are setting out for yourself.

 Respectfully, you must stay true to yourself, always. People pleasing....people pleasing. We do not understand this. We've never understood this. For what pleasure is it to be miserable?


To make another smile with their own greed, and pride of having one -up on you. This is not TRUE pride. True pride is knowing a job is well done, a path well taken and basking in the glow of knowingness of your trueness to the One to Yourself This is true pride. The other is more arrogance and need…And insecurity…And let's just call it what it is.


 You do not NEED permission to heal your wounds in any way that you deem necessary. If you need the time to be alone and to go within, take the time.  If you are ready and it feels like you are being propelled forward into the spotlight, follow that thread where it takes you as long as it brings you joy.

For different people have different ideas and feelings about such things and each plays their own role. And for some, it is their great joy and purpose to be on display always.

For Others they are much more content and comfortable uplifting, and working from within. Both are absolutely, wonderfully valuable and needed. Calling on your Spirit Team….We say this quite often, but we truly mean it…For they are but a whisper away.


For they are you. ..And here to serve you and assist with anything you should need on this path. Utilize your resources. The resources you have set out for yourself in agreement with yourself. Your internal Guidance


Playing games.........waste of time. Honesty and integrity will get you far. Do not be concerned if it makes others uncomfortable. For you can say things in a kind and gentle and loving way. If they receive it otherwise, that is not for you to decide."



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