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Happenstance, is it though?

6-3-24 A message for the collective in general. A word…


 "Divinely orchestrated…giving the opening for divinely orchestrated things to happen in your life. You would say by Happenstance…by serendipity… by manifestation.  First comes the allowance , the space, the opening to receive. For if you fill that space with too many thoughts, too many things, too many people without meaningful relationship….. You will not recognize when there are signs and synchronicities.  

Being aware is even more important these days, as many are distracted,…. infinitely distracted by society and the fast pace of it,  your devices, the bombardment of information, both useful and frivolous. It has become overwhelming and saturating to the point where there is an overflow of Non-beneficial things, (saying this more friendly than the image portrayed)

 We wish for you to love more, we wish for you to look more for things that are meaningful. Dig deep underneath the rubbish. Find a flower underneath the garbage heap, the ashes.

 Feel the earth beneath your feet, removed from the rubber soles of the shoes and the socks and the pavement, and the concrete. Run your fingers through the hair of the earth, the lush grass that grows for you,  in spite of you.

 Feeling the sun on your cheeks. So much time hidden away in harsh lighting, tall buildings with windows that block all wavelengths.  It is no wonder that low mood becomes commonplace, replaced by chemical interventions that are not always beneficial.

Falling into line. Picking up the pace ….the hamster's on the wheel. Doing what you're told… good little soldiers.


What is it all for?   You wonder that sometimes in your small fleeting times between activities and stimulations. It is for LIFE, we say. and it will be up to YOU to take the control back from the established status quo. You Do not have to fall in line. Be the bucking Bronco, the stallion that breaks away from the herd….runs quickly up the hill and rears in the sunset.

The feeling that you get whenever you see that image, is the feeling we wish for you to have….. the feeling of freedom. Freedom in chaotic times, freedom in unsure times, freedom to be you.


Sigh….When did you become so complacent? Being led by the nose so easily?

All the media has to do is to flash something and there you are. Clamoring to speak about it, to be part of something bigger than yourself, but do you not realize you already are? If you take that time to connect with the earth, connect with yourself, pamper yourself a little.

 Look yourself in the eyes when you look in the mirror. When you ae installing your long, fake eyelashes, perhaps. Look into those eyes. Who is that person? Why must I do these things to gain love, to gain acceptance? What is it all for?


We wish for you to ask these questions more. Inquiry of the world, but most importantly, inquiry of the self. The self-inquiry will uncover much. It can be painful, yes. for when you have pushed things down for decades and covered them over with external stimulus.

When You stop and look at them.  It can be embarrassing, it can be painful, it can be angering. We wish for you to let that go. Feel the feelings. Know yourself and who you are and demand your space. Demand it energetically and physically. And if you feel too weak to do so at this moment, reach out to those that you can trust.


Let them be your rock. Let them prop you up until you can stand on your own two feet. We are made for connections, real true connections, not fake, not manufactured, not of convenience, or of what one can do for the other. But the genuine connection of one serving the other from love.


I would like to leave you with this. The point of all this is not to anger you for a moment and have you to just go back to what you were doing. But we hope that it will stimulate you to think about your life…. about what you want. Take a walk. Give yourself the time…without the distractions…. to truly see what is important. Peeling back the layers is the only way to uncover the truth and the beauty.


Many have built a hard shell exterior to shield them from the world, for the world can be a frightening and brutal place to be. We say to those to go within yourself. Go through the doorway inside where it is safe. And connect and find what your true self and your true purpose, your true knowing is. Project that out into the world and your shell will begin to melt for you will no longer need it.

Above all, we wish that you honor yourself. Whatever that looks like for you. However, it needs to be for you. It saddens us to watch you be complacent….compliant…. In servitude.


Claiming your power bit by bit will bring you a joy that you perhaps do not remember feeling, perhaps have never felt. But do not be afraid for this is the way things are meant to be. And we hope that you will take satisfaction in the company of yourself. Coming to terms with your own desires, and finding a way to project that into the world. To find true happiness and contentment.

We LOVE your creativity. We LOVE your passion. We LOVE your heart. We want to see MORE authentic, more authentic passion, more authentic creativity.


Sprouting up from the soil of your own soul, not copied…. not cheap copies from others, to try to display and say….'look what I can do'. That is not TRUTH. The roots do not run deep. The roots run deep when it is your passion, and it comes from your own heart.  That is the difference. That is what will create your contentment and your pride.

We hope that you will consider this advice, for we give it with love.

Your joy is our joy.  And truth is the way."



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