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Shiftwork for Starseeds

5-20-24 Dragon's message for Rest


Feel dragon energy for sure.

"Sleeping on the job.

Wake up…. forward motion.

Those that creep and crawl in the shadows in the night. They wait till you're weary and weak and in need of rest.

 Take shifts. Some shining brightly and strongly while others wait in the wings, dry themselves off, and gather their strength. You cannot burn brightly all of the time.

Must take the time to recharge.  ReCalibrate …soothe the wounds, tend to

the scratches the abrasions of Earthly life . Tend to the needs of the body, and the mind. And then when the mood strikes, return to to full running and brightness.

 A Fools errand to run until the wheels fall off. To Ride this vehicle until you abandon it on the side of the road. You Must care for it. Maintenance. You Do not need to burn brightly 100% of the time.

(Seeing water and a light above the water. Shining down into the water. I hear a boat)


I hear...

"A Lovely layer of rest beneath the waves where one will not be disturbed. Precious are the weary for they have expended much in the way of light work in this realm. We honor and protect their rest state.

Bring forth the mentally afflicted… For much can be done to rewire..... replacing old programming. But do be aware there are choices to be made.


Slipping into silence….. the repair of DNA comes at a cost. (cost of time & Energy)

Slipping into madness are those who choose to not take their time to recharge in this life, they will burn out their fuses beyond the repair and our assistance.

Take care to mind the energy, frequency, and levels of these precious ones. For we do not wish to lose any of the troops, so to speak. For you are treasures who have endured much to be here. Please understand, we only wish to help and to assist in these missions, but we cannot do everything and we can only suggest best practices.

.…Stowing away. Some of them stowed away and were not adequately prepped for the mission. These ones flounder even more significantly, for they have much spunk and spark for the task ahead, but have little regard for regulation. These must be brought up to speed. For they are now here. Though they may not have been chosen, they are here now by their own strong will and pull to help at this time. We will honor that. Be extra vigilant to watch out for these as they will need extra guidance, support and encouragement to rest appropriately.

Picking up on a spider's senses of its surroundings.

It has many mechanisms for judging distances and wind flow and best places that food would travel. These native species, we are saying, native species of the earth plane can give great wisdom to the star seeds to help them incorporate survival mechanisms into their programming.   To make it easier to integrate into this realm of existence for the time that they are here.

Consulting with the natives, so to speak.

And these are not all human energies. Look around and see all beings and how they adapt and regulate. How the bear hibernates in the winter, storing up all the fat needed to make it through to the springtime, trusting that this will be adequate.

See how the birds do their migrations, knowing that when change atmosphere and location, they will be better suited to the environment, returning when the conditions are better.

Consequently, different insect species as well.

The cicadas that are in the forefront of the mind at the moment. In particularly, they are spending much of their life below ground unseen, unnoticed and unthought of ….until they emerge and are quite noisy and make themselves known.

 Everything on Earth has its cycles. So as the star seeds should be aware, they will not be switched on 100% of the time. For powering down is also beneficial. The conserving of the energy until such time as they're needed.


Then springing forth vigorously, …..full throttle when appropriate.

This is not up for debate. You can believe it or not believe it. But we say that you will see the consequences of those who wish to burn the candle at both ends, so to speak. They will know, they will know by trusting their instincts, their inner being, and their guidance system. For all are creator beings.  The things that are created are different, and each are beautiful powerful and valuable

 Do not compare yourself to another. For each are priceless… priceless gems of infinite worth in value and Beauty.


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