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We just had the one year anniversary of the passing of George Duisman. He was a beloved friend and teacher. Over many years of working hard to find solutions, he put together a method he called CTT Consciousness Transformation Techniques from different methods including Ask and receive, EFT, EMDR, past life regression.

It is a bilateral tapping method while using the script modified from A&R (Ask and Receive) to get to the root of emotions to release. This is also used in a short past life regression process that can root out past life trauma affecting this life without full-on hypnosis. He ran many tapping groups and classes for years in the Quantum Healing forum up until his passing. (I personally have been involved in them and personal friend group ones since 2017) Many hundreds (possibly thousands) have benefited from his innovative use of these methods and continue to help people release trauma and expand their consciousness bit by bit. It is our firm belief that none of us own the rights to this method and will continue to teach and spread far and wide, as he had spent his life doing. And was his dream to accomplish.

I, and others, feel obligated to George to continue as we always have with our groups and our sharing. Recently it was said we were not allowed to, that is is now "owned" by someone else. It was very hard to get past the hurt and frustration to see what this was about using my Conscious mind. We all confidently know his wishes, and this is counterintuitive to that. So I sat down for a meditation to ask a higher part of myself to explain it for me so I could move past it and let go of the not-great feelings it was causing.


It's the grasping of life. It is the Fear of loss. Owning something, possessing. It is a forceful, masculine energy. It is not conducive to growth. Giving the analogy that we placed before of the tree. If you could imagine that this entity or method. If it were to be seen as a tree, with many deep roots and many branches, would it make sense for one of the roots, wishing to preserve and grow and nurture the tree for many years…… to take an axe and to chop and dismember every root but their own?

How might that tree grow? We say it would not grow healthily.

It may hang on for a time, but the branches would be weak, eventually withering to dust and forgotten.

And as you have seen years before, the image that we placed when asked about growing CTT… this was five years ago. The image given was mushrooms. Mushrooms were seen on a small island, but underneath the mushroom in the gills are many spores. And when these spores are released, they travel far and they travel wide. And they plant themselves here and there, across the country, across the world.

Each growing and creating a network of mycelium below the surface, sprouting into their own beautiful mushrooms. Those spores continuing. Until the whole planet is covered with tiny areas and pockets of lovely mushrooms, ripe with spores, seeds of wisdom and truth and support for each other. We say fungus such as this cannot be contained. It cannot be owned.

I'm seeing a big stamp put on it. It can't be stamped with a name. And then I see handcuffs put on. It can't be restricted.

"Someone may come and squash a batch of mushrooms under their boot. But the secret is the mycelium below the ground…… This network is the actual living organism. The mushroom is only the fruit. One would have to dig up the whole world to root out all of the network. So we say, good luck with that. And that the efforts would be more suitable, put towards nurturing, and distributing….. freedom.

Freedom is a word often overused, but in this case, it is aptly labeled as a freedom … choose how you will conduct yourself in this world, how you will spread your light, or if you will withhold it. That is your choice, however it is not your choice to bring a snuffer and begin trying to snuff the other lights. There are many sparks and they will not be contained.

This is how it was planned. One must look within and examine reasons for choices. What is the ultimate emotions, driving actions? Many will act in unusual ways, with loss, with sadness, and with fear. We must give them that freedom to make their choice. But we also have our own choices to make. Each individual must follow their heart and their intuition/ their gut feeling.

What expands the heart and what contracts it? Speak out loud the words and then notice how it feels within you. Does it expand your heart? Does it make it want you to reach out and hug another and share your good fortune? Or does it make you recoil and hold tightly to what you have known and what you know. Denying others for fear of lack. There is no lack…… not of energy, not of resources, and unfortunately not of people who need assistance.

We say to you, in questions such as these that get the blood pumping, boiling, and the pulse racing, and heightened emotion. To bring yourself back to center within the heart space. Look at it through another's eyes and see the pain they must be feeling to do the thing that you are not understanding.

For the more that we can understand one another, the less conflict there is. The more joy and cooperation , collaboration and the wider the reach of positive messages and hope.


Judgment is a human's favorite pastime. -Well, he did this! she did that! who does she think she is? Remove yourself from judgment. For the learning in this Experience is in the examining of the point of view of the other. And the other does not have to agree or even attempt to see it from your perspective. But you must do your part it to see it through their eyes with compassion. That will calm the heart and bring the understanding. And then you can move forward in full cooperation and confidence in your decisions….. and your true feelings on the matter.

And we say it matters not what the rumblings are. The spores have spread far and wide and they will continue to grow and blossom so long as those…. using their hearts and discernment Continue to do so. So trouble no more. And rest in peace that when centered, you may trust how you feel. That is your navigation system, your point of reference for everything."

Thank You


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