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Red Hawk-Infinite Hearts 2019

After Remote Spirit Release Training in 2019 I was strongly connected to my Guide Red Hawk. This is one of the very first channelings brought through from him 10/16/2019...

"The measure of a man is not in his "kills" or "conquests", but in the strength of his heart.

Listen to the winds on the prairie. We all come into this life blind to our purpose. We come in, we do our tasks, our daily rituals, and pay no mind to the spirit. Then one day something changes. Our hearts are opened. We see far in the distance. We reach far with our minds, with our hearts, with our spirits, searching. This is no accident. You fall so you may rise. You sleep so you may wake. The dreamer's dream is not forever. Oh, the infinite ways of expressing.

Come and let us see what we might explore here (on earth). What mischief might we get ourselves into today? Like the joy of a child. The thrill of the unknown. But we make it such serious business. The joy drains. The body withers. The spark of life seems to fade. The happiness .... oh seems so sorrowful. We forget. We forget who we are. Who our brethren are in this time and space. And the forgetting seems like it is a punishment. But please understand you did choose this for a reason.

Out in the vast cosmos you watch. You delight in the little goings on here. You come to a greater understanding. .....Leaving the past behind you find your greater purpose. And in that purpose comes the expanding. Not all will do expanding at the same time. Different heights, widths, breadths, colors, intensities. Flowing, blending. and when you rise above it all, and you see from the heights....taking greater joy and appreciation.

....... The flight of the sparrow. so small, covering such great distance.... Does this by instinct. In her breast she carries the burning desire to move, and so she does without worry...without question. She flies til she reaches her destination. Trusting that all will be well. It is a great ask for the we know.

Can you practice the closing of the eyes and the falling back?..... who will catch you? will you fall to your demise? Will you float upon the wind?..... Will your fellows catch you? This you will not know until you do it. Trusting is no little thing. It's the glue that binds the tatters of your soul. The bright liquid metal that reinforces, that brings you to your power..... oh.... if you only knew. If you only knew....what we know. It is not "difficult" to trust. It does not require the toil. The resistance lies in the releasing, the falling back into spirit.

What will you do? Will you toil with head down to the end of these days never realizing there was so much more? Or will you take the leap into the unknown? Take the chance that you might fly? Though you may fall, who might be there to catch you? ...To blow the wind beneath you...raising you to heights never before. This is what we ask. We know it is no little thing. We ask that you go forth, though blindfolded, sensing the frailty of your human form and all you've been told of your limitations. We are asking you step beyond that just for a moment. Releasing your desires for a few moments in divine bliss. Let it carry you higher. bask in the glow of the unknown. You will be rewarded for your faith, trust, humility.

We hope you will choose to step out into the unknown space daily...a few moments each day... and the feathers of your wings will grow plump and strong and wide. and you will be carried, oh you will be carried and loved. as you were always meant to be. Wake up dear brothers and sisters. We are calling you forth to commune with us. Reclaim your wisdom. ....*chuckle* you believe WE have the answers! Do you not know? YOU have the answers. you just don't know it yet..... but you will. we ask you to trust in your infinite hearts.... that is all."


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