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Creation and Destruction

Both are equal

In a practice class recently where we did a quick meditation to meet a guide. I was taken out into the cosmos and handed 2 spheres. I was told one is the power of Creation and one is the power of destruction and they are the same. There was much more, but I forgot before I could write it down. That is why when i practice channel I audio record, because I will totally forget.

So I connected with my Feminine Soul Group "Amara" (Eternal) to get the message. I am still working on effectively translating what they show me into words, so this is my best attempt at letting her speak through me.



The play of light and dark. Pretending that one can extinguish the other. It is a fool's errand to pretend one has more value.  ( they are showing me a baby being kissed by an elderly woman) One is fresh and new and full of potentials. The other is full of wisdom and experience. Both of these vessels possess the spark of divinity within them. The recorder of hope and love and existence… divinity. One cannot exist without the other. This would not be so. Light plays upon… (showing the moon, the sun shines upon the moon, the reflection) …  when you shine your consciousness upon another, you will see the reflection of yourself. Each projects their ….

(Let me go deeper. These words are hard to form. I'm asking that I be able to translate these vibrations adequately for humans.)

(They are Showing the one hand having the creation, one hand having the destruction, and they place them together and they glow brightly. They are showing that creation without any checks and balances would grow out of control. Would become the weeds and the brambles never-ending.)

 The destruction is burning away the dead ends, the spent leaves, and then the flowers sprouting up from the nourishing ashes. It is how things are set up in this world. To resist it is to be in denial of the nature of your universe that you play in. Until such time your species chooses to evolve away from this construct, This is the playground in which you create.

And just as a child playing with its blocks, builds an enormous elaborate tower and then becomes the ‘Godzilla’ to stomp… the child takes delight in both the creation and the destruction. Coming full circle and finding the balance.

 (It was shown to me in that meditation that some people are pretending to be one when they are the other, so let's go deeper with this, please. )


Some wear a mask as a projection screen to hide their true motivations and what they are getting from something. A person can be creating, but have the heart for destroying others as they do so. As the creation, he hungers for space and resources= and sacrificed to industry, such things. A moral balance is another thing altogether. For morality is based upon the effects on your fellows. When done in selfishness and greed, even creation IS destruction at its core. It is only disguised as creation. Often creating excessive and localized wealth requires ultimate destruction.


 There cannot be one without the other, you see. Though you stand upon the cusp of your evolution and understanding, still, the need to….. take- it -apart and see how it works is within you. For you are a creator being and you are a devastating, destructive being.  They are one and the same. Denying the destruction part of your life and your neighbors life only causes sorrow and despair....  Leveling it to the ground creates a shift.   A vacuum space for creation to fill with authenticity and for the true creators to descend and dream the world into being as you say.

Collaboration is rare among the human race. Each has their own ideas how something should go, how it should be, putting themselves above the other. …’Let's not let someone be more important than me!’….. It is all very amusing when viewed from the outside. But it can be very frustrating in the middle.

We say create and do not worry about what is happening on the other side. If creation is from the space of the heart and of the true service….. service to all others, including the self. The destruction that happens will be of the things that are no longer needed. The type of destruction that is harmful is the destruction of the seedlings and the saplings that are just beginning to germinate in your neighbor's field……. And you come along and plow them up in order to create your own….


This is not done in love. This is not done in service. This is not done in the balance of the things. This is purely the motivations of the lower mind and the lower (shows what looks like the lower chakra systems). And the access to the light has been dimmed. And though each must have within them light and dark to be a truly balanced individual spark…. an imbalance of either throws things into chaos.

(Okay, so I'm asking, what can help each of us be more balanced in our creations to make sure they are in service?.)

The heart within will show the way. There is a portal there that is seeded in the dark and springs forth with light. This is the blueprint, this is the guiding light for all.  check in with how it feels. Feel not only your feelings on the matter, but your larger community.

Do not chop another's wings in order to fly. Treading on the backs of the butterflies. (And they're showing me an image of like the powder on the butterfly's wings, how delicate it is, and when its stomp ed on , it kind of smears. It's awful. )

Systems, be it planetary, economic, or biological  systems.  They put off a signal when their time is spent and they are ready to be recycled. This is the cue for the true creator to lovingly take that material and repurpose it into beautiful creations… (seeing a ladder)…. the forward advancement of humankind, Not built on the backs of the weak or the downtrodden, but built with the blessings of ancestors who have come before.

(Okay, I'm just gonna ask, this is rather cryptic, so I'm gonna ask for closing remarks, to be paraphrased it into understanding bits that everyone can easily understand. )

You are creator beings, you have the capacity and talent to both create and destroy. And both are within your capabilities and within your toolbox of talents. The rainbow comes after the rain, as you say. But equally, the sun breaks through and dissolves the rainbow. And the sun sets on every living thing.

When it has done so, the repurposing of that material, bringing the sparks of light back in various ways …as the forests will burn to ash, the blossoms will spring forth from the ground and take the nourishment. The cycles of stars burning brightly, then burning out in such glorious fanfare, returning the material to the cosmos and the energy as well.

Terms that humankind could understand would be the crying of the newborn babe. What sacrifice, what hardship the mother endured gladly to bring this child safely into this world. And the old woman who has lived her life full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, a Rolodex of experiences…., ready to be gifted, all of the lives that she's touched along the way, the tears that she's cried, the joy that she's shared, even the discrepancies in character that cause what you would term regrets, ….all things are precious and valuable. When it is time for her to take her last breath, she returns to spirit, her body returns to the Earth, where it becomes nourishment for various organisms that in turn help the plants to grow… the animals to flourish, as well as the people.

And that child is the hope of the future. It is the circle of life , as you would say. So we would leave you with this…. The destruction and the creation. ….Neither is more valuable, neither is to be feared. Neither is to be shied away from or shunned… locked away…. judged. For when you realize the true power that is within you, you will wield each responsibly with your heart at the helm. With joy, prosperity, and the good of ALL as your primary directive.

 And you would not need anyone to tell you this, to harp at you to be a good person. Saying to you ‘Do your good deeds’. You would not need any of this. For this is stamped on your soul. To be both protector and the creator of experiences. And never apologize for this. For this what make you magnificent. Makes you unique and Oh, so interesting. …..And when everyone can drop their facades and their projections and be honest, forthcoming with their desire to create.  The understanding that destruction is a natural form of creation. That is when your people will begin to evolve further in consciousness.

For constantly looking to the light is not a productive way. You must dig in the dirt, be willing to trudge through the darkness, gathering the materials for this creation. Showing your appreciation and your love for the sacrifices and for the humble beginnings. Even the lowly worm has a huge role to play in this ecosystem. You should not seek to destroy any, nor should you seek to alter for this is the balance and when you find the balance within you will naturally have the balance in your outside world as well.


....but it does start in the heart…. the heart of each and every one and everyone. We are sorry it cannot be more of a wave of the magic wand everyone becomes good. For there is no good, there is no evil. And that compass  will show you  which path to follow.


Do not stomp the grapes before they are ripe and ready. For this destruction is of an unfruitful nature and is harmful. But when they are ripe, it is their asking to be used in wondrous creations. Be sensitive to that calling. Be sensitive to the calling of something that is ready to be recycled and the calling of something that is ready to be birthed.  Finding that balance within.

We're waiting for you to master this, before the invitation to move further away from Earthly things. Some will be quick students and will become masters of this energy and will be ready. ….and some will need more time, more experiences, and more life circumstances to steer them to the balanced direction. As the ship sways upon the ocean, it will always stay upright so long as the crew is Practiced …calm centered… and balanced ….And understands the ways of the universe.

( So I'm asking is there anything else? They would like to leave us with?)

 Call upon your hearts. Some of you have lost your way. You do not understand that as you think that you are feeling with your heart, you are still feeling with your lower chakras. Much is felt through the gut. That will give you a lot of information. Begin by feeling how it feels in the solar plexus, the gut area.  Does it give you a nice feeling? Does it give you butterflies? Does it give you rumbling? Worry? Then move that feeling up to the heart. And if that heart is open and healthy… not constricted, You will be able to read the information and guide you like an arrow.

So place your hand on your heart often… feeling the core of your being… feeling the balance. And take a deep breath and lean into your knowing. And do this as many times as necessary to gain trust within yourself. For you are your own guiding light…. You are your compass. And your heart will always lead you toward your higher self….your higher being….your higher state of awareness, the one who is ready to take the next step.

Do not lead with your sorrow, your hatred, or your grief. For This is the destructive path that is not fruitful. You must come at this with understanding of the balance. So do what is necessary to Find that balance within. Connecting with your higher being. Asking to bring into balance by letting go that which is stale and ready to be destroyed and birthing the new beautiful things ready to emerge.


Humanity will not change overnight, but each of you is perfectly capable of changing overnight and seeing remarkable changes in yourselves. In a 24 hour period you could be a new person….believe it is so

and it shall be.



(okay, thank you okay,





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