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Connecting the Dots.... Hucha into Sami

My road to Shamanic Healing has been a winding one. I have always been drawn to Shamanic type practices, they aligned so much with Natural things I have intuitively done since a child. But a book I read years ago said a Shaman must be disciplined, and have very little possessions, and be a loner (no kids etc.) I identified with none of these things. So I felt I was not really a worthy candidate for that path.

But the call continued... A guide came through in Dr Palmer's Class in 2019 when he was doing a meditation with us. She was a younger girl in colorful poncho and dress and was walking a llama up a mountain in the clouds. I really did not think too much of it at the time. Interesting to be sure, but not enough dots.

As I practiced my Mediumship the next few years my guides steered me to ways of connecting and healing that were not taught by any of my human teachers. It was fun to connect with Spirit Animals and travel to fantastical places in meditation so I just followed where I was led. I was doing Shamanic Journeying and did not have a name for it.

Once I realized, hey "this is a thing" I started looking for a Shamanic teacher to help me understand the origins and ceremonies for my own growth and healing. My primary Spirit Guide is a Native American from the Dakotas, but that was not the practices I was most drawn to. I connected with the Peruvian ways. The more I learned about them the more it really drew me in.... like being home.

(Last year I even got a pair of Linnies (lineolated Parakeets) that are actually native to the mountains of Peru. My Zeeby is in my profile pic)

In a meditation a couple years ago I got a word I did not know what it meant "Munay Ki" a couple months ago I was going through some old meditation notes and looked it up. Amazing! How did I not know about this! "Munay" means Love and "Ki" is life force energy. So the Energy of Love. I found a class, and have finished the initiations and experiencing the benefits to my energy and intuition.

But I had given up finding a Teacher to learn Shamanism with... when Youtube spit out a video to me from Anthony at the Positive Pineapple. I caught him saying 8 weeks of Shaman School starts in a few days. I looked at the date of the video and it had just posted. I jumped online to look and see what would be the catch to keep me away this time. But it was easy. I booked the first class, not even knowing what tradition it was. I figured, what have I got to lose to check it out? It was just what I was looking for!

I heard him say his teacher was Don Zane Curfman. Out of curiosity I looked up interviews with Zane. My jaw about hit the floor when I heard him say that the start of his Journey was in his 20's when a Spirit Being that looked like a rainbow Serpent came to him and told him about Hucha Moqui. ( bringing heavy energy into his navel and transmuting it into 2 streams of light leaving above and below) He searched until he found that there was a small group in the high Mountains of Peru who practiced this. He lived and trained with them for some time.

This is the same thing I "used to" do when I was younger. Before I took Reiki and was told -Under no circumstances- should I EVER let another energy enter my space. To protect against that at all costs. Normally this is excellent advice by the way, especially for Empaths.

For the past about 8 years I have worked with Dragon Spirit Helpers, and yes one is rainbow serpent-like! that I task to go into people's energy fields and eat the stagnant and dark energy (Hucha). They transmute it through their bodies into light (Sami). My main one is Crystalline like ice or crystal with iridescent radiance. (Yes I am a weirdo, and damn proud of it these days) In the meditation in class last week when we sent Hoocha to Pachamama (Mother Earth) I saw in my minds eye a dark colored dragon (representing Earth Mother) swirling beneath the surface and eating the heavy energy and fertilizing with it.

I'm not going to start doing Hucha Moqui myself again just yet, not unless I learn to do it properly somehow. But I am intrigued and excited for this path I am on.

I am super hopeful for the future.


(Reprinted from other Sources-Translated from Spanish)

"When enough seeds are awake, freed from fear and other negative aspects of the third and fourth level of consciousness, the seeds of the fifth level will be able to sprout within humanity and form a whole".

The Q’eros... The older brothers... Sought refuge in the mountains at more than 4,200 meters high, away from the invaders.

There they stayed for 500 years... they have guarded the original knowledge and sacred prophecy about a great change, THE PACHAKUTEK, waiting for the moment this world would take a turn, returning harmony and ending the time of chaos and disorder. The Q’eros have lived in their territories high in the Andes, practically isolated.

During the celebration of the annual festival of the "Return of the Pleiades" (QOYLLUR RIT'I) the people gathered there were amazed to see the Q’eros appear, dressed in the Inca emblem of the Sun, announcing that the time of the prophecies had arrived.

"We've been waiting for 500 years."

The ancient prophecy mentions that, this is the time of the great encounter, called Mastay and it is time for the integration of the peoples of the four cardinal points.

It is they who are now offering their teachings to the West, in preparation for the day when the North Eagle and the South Condor fly together again.

They also tell us that, love and compassion, will be the forces that guide the union of peoples.

"The new guardians of the Earth will come from the West and, those who have caused a greater impact on Mother Earth, now have a responsibility to remake the relationship with her, after remaking themselves".

Prophecy holds that North America will provide physical strength, Europe will bring the mental aspect. And heart, will be given by South America.

By this, prophecies are encouraging, they refer to the end of a time as we have known it so far, it is the end of a way of thinking, a way of being, a way to relate to nature and between beings.

The Incas expect the emergence of a new golden age, although they also mention tumultuous changes on Earth and in the psyche of people to re-define relationships and spirituality.

The Great Change has already begun and brings the promise of a new human being. Chaos and confusion will last 4 years.

Q’eros talk about a "tear" in the fabric of time.

They say that, we must die before old models of spirituality, to open ourselves up to self-renewal, becoming midwives of a new way of thinking and acting.

We need to re-learn to honour and respect Mother Earth, Father Sun, Star Sisters, discover and respect everything and all and so, be able to make a quantum leap towards what we are becoming, all together.

Q’eros say the doors between worlds are opening again, holes form in the time we can go through to explore our capabilities and regain our bright nature.

The prophecies say that we are finishing the time of the transition and the fifth level of consciousness will begin to manifest, after this change the sixth level of consciousness will appear and, the golden age of humanity, will begin little by step by step.

The golden era will announce the beginning of the sixth sun, that will be the time of the "children of light" who will be fully awake.

Prophecy announces that when the fifth level of consciousness is reached, this will be done collectively and simultaneously.

"When enough seeds are awake, freed from fear and other negative aspects of the third and fourth level of consciousness, the seeds of the fifth level will be able to sprout within humanity and form a whole".

"Follow your own footprints. Learn from rivers, trees, rocks. Honour your brothers, honour Mother Earth, honour the Great Spirit. Honour yourself and all Creation. Look with the eyes of your soul and commit to the essentials."



The prophecy in full was held by Don Andres Espinoza of Q’eros and Don Benito Qoriwaman of Wasao it was recovered by Juan Nuñez Del Prado.

The prophecy says: when the Q’ero see the signs in the mountains of receding snows the PACHACUTI (reversal of world order) will begin. This happened in January of 1990. The Prophecy is participatory and energetic so it is changed by how we change.

When enough people (like a critical mass) arrive to the 4th level this will create the energetic womb for the fifth level initiates to emerge. Fifth level initiates can heal every illness every time with one touch. 12 of the will emerge and join together to perform the Mosoq Qarpay (New Initiation) to bring about the sixth level initiates, enlightened leaders who literally shine with their own light.

The enlightened Couple will restore the world of humanity to harmony with Nature. The Return of the Sapa Inka and Sapa Qoya.

Now what does it mean to arrive to the 4th level? It means we choose Love over Fear every time. We take responsibility for our lives ~ no more victims. We own our shadow and no longer project it onto others. It means we stabilise the resonant field of our bubble with the entire planetary field. We are inclusive, we reject no one, we can eat every Hoocha and fear none. Examples of humans fully arrived to 4th level are few. The 4th level refers to an initiation in which you release your human mom and dad and receive Pachamama and Inti Tayta as your mother and father and all humans become your literal brothers and sisters. That would be full attainment of the 4th level.

Some who knew Don Benito say he told them that a fifth level initiate could simply walk into a room (for example the United Nations) and conflicts would find resolution just by the impact of her field. At the fourth level we can walk into any church, synagogue, mosque, temple and feel the same devotion because we directly connect with the living energy of the divine, no matter the form. There are no more religious wars at the fourth level....The Fourth Level Initiate creates connection and harmony. New solutions appear at the fourth level that were not available to the thinking of the 3rd level. The Fourth Level is the Inka measure of an adult.


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