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I am exploring this a bit to if this is something I enjoy and want to offer from time to time.  This can be pets who are still with us or those who have passed on. They make a wonderful memorial piece.  I am offering a few at a deep discount as "models"   I would be honored to try to capture your little one's personality in an art piece.  I would ask that those who participate in the model call to give honest feedback.


I will need a picture from the front, one from each side, from the top, and back if possible.  you can include laying down and playing pictures as well or even videos.  The more information I have to work with the better.


Sculpture will be 3-5" in length.  They may be standing, sitting, or laying

Please contact if you have any questions.


3-5" Pet Portrait wool sculpture

  • 3-5" needle felted sculpture 

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