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Animal Communcation can help with....


Animal Relationships with each other

Animal Relationships with People


Helping to reunite lost animals


Connecting with pets who have passed


Understanding behavior or physical issues

I recently studied Natural Animal Communication techniques with Helen Davita.  I am currently in training to certify in Animal Energy Communication with Lynn Mckenzie. Certification involves months of study and requires client-submitted feedback. 

This is a service I may offer in the future. It is exciting to see how it unfolds for me and what capacity it will play in my life as I progress on this path.  As was confirmed by Lynn Mckenzie, my strongest pathway to communication is Psychic, meaning I connect easier with Spirit and guides for information about the physical animal. The second is Energetic-reading and feeling energy and the third is the actual Telepathy.  So I am practicing to become well rounded in all areas and having fun in the process!

  Contact me if you would like me to do a practice session for your animal.

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