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My mission is to help free humanity from negative influences and help them to clear limiting programs. I am dedicated to assisting everyone in elevating their consciousness and connecting with their True Spirit.

"The feathers of your wings will grow plump and strong and wide. And you will be carried; oh you will be carried and loved as you were always meant to be."
                                    -Red Hawk (my primary Spririt Guide)

Service Offerings

Each type of Session I offer is for the purpose of Clearing and Connection to help you rise into your True Self.  There are many ways of getting there and layers to peel away.  Take a look and see what resonates with what would be best for you at this time.

~Remote Session-for you

Remote Spirit Release w/ Spiritual Health Check

Entity and Earthbound Clearing, Realigning energy body, home clearing, and anything the Spirit Guide deems neccessary for the Client's freedom and Spiritual Health. Report and Audio Recording.



~You Participate live

CTT Past Life Tapping

A simple yet powerful tapping technique designed for manifesting, receiving insights, and releasing traumas.   I guide you in a simple process to access one or more past lives to clear the root of a current issue. 60-90min



Wearable Orgone Energy Devices

Orgonite for Empowerment and Connection. Handmade with crystals and my special Mystic Mix of powerful ingredients.


~Remote Session-for you

Soul Star Shamanic Journey

A Shamanic Journey on your Behalf to bring back a Spirit Animal Helper and also clear and get insight on what is needing to be known at this time. Transcribed reading with Illustrations




~Live or by Absentee

SRT - Spiritual Response Therapy


SRT is a powerful Spiritual healing technique that works with your subconscious mind by accessing your Akashic soul records to release energetic blockages that have accumulated over your past and present lives. 60-90min

DALL·E 2024-06-30 18.01.38 - A highly realistic image of a pointed metallic pendulum float


Needle Felted Spirit Animals

I no longer make to order.  But I do have some pre-made critters in the Etsy shop from time to time.


Aww Natasha! This was wonderful and feels so accurate. Like I have something on my mind on which to go with my next step and just waiting for something to give me the green light! I actually had the image of me driving the rollerrcoaster that people are on Saturday evening so it is interesting that you pulled that through. I am getting so close to the breakthrough and have felt something pausing me and draining me so I appreciate you tuning and clearing this. I do feel great this morning. Just really peaceful! So much gratitude for you!  Hugs!!  J

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