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" The feathers of your wings will grow plump and strong and wide. And you will be carried; oh you will be carried and loved as you were always meant to be."
~Red Hawk my Primary Spirit Guide

Spirit Animal Fiber Art

Creativity is a bridge to Spirit and I find great joy in bringing you a physical representation of your Spirit animal helper.


Everyone has many animal Spirit Energies with them as helpers.  Some may be there for a lifetime, and some are there for certain stages in life to assist for a time.

With the help of my Spirit Guides I allow the one who wishes to step forward with a message and assistance for you now.  Often when I channel a message there will be more than one animal come forward, but the one who comes in the strongest,  makes their presence known in a big way, and stays for the channeling and through the creation process is the one who wishes to be prominent for you at this time.


Needle Felting

Fiber Art is a way of connecting to Nature and to the Spirit of creation

 Needle felting is the process of interlocking wool fibers by stabbing it with a barbed needle.  The barbs catch the scales on the fiber and cause them to tangle and bind together.  To create a 3D sculpture it can take hours of work and literally thousands of stabs from start to finish. I start by studying the anatomy of the animal and spend as many as 12-22 hours of felting time creating them. I like to use 3-4 different types and gauges of needles to create a finished piece.

I keep a large variety of types and colors of sheep wool, and alpaca locks.  I also custom blend colors for projects.  I always add sparkle to the Spirit Animal sculptures as a reminder of their magic.

I also sometimes dabble in 2D needle felting and wet felting. You may see those in the shop from time to time

It is interesting how The Animal Spirit stays with me and shares their gifts with me as the totem is created. It is always a delight to work with them in the creation process.

Creating and dedicating your Sculputure

Each animal sculpture has a moonstone placed at their heart during the felting process.  Moonstone is a stone of connection that holds a special place for me and  I can think of no better crystal for your Totem to embody.


"Rainbow Moonstone acts as a prism, diffusing energy throughout the aura. It provides psychic protection, clearing the mind and senses, and aids in lucid dreaming and calm sleep. It deflects negativity and eases emotional trauma. Aligned with the Goddess, Rainbow Moonstones connect with the energies and spirits of Nature, from plant devas to galactic consciousness."


Blessing and Charging

I Reiki Charge  with love for the highest good.

When they are ready to make their trip home I bless them with An essential oil  such as

Sacred Frankincense , Lavender, Rose, Geranium or a  blend and include a small sachet of Lavender  and/or rose petals.

They are then carefully gift packaged 

for their trip home.

How did I start doing this?

Ironically the Spirit Animal Connection is the one thing I did not take a class on or study :)  I do have a wall full of fancy pieces of paper certifying in me in many interesting subjects, but this is a technique my Spirit guide Red Hawk led me to and taught me. And it is the most dear to my heart.   

The animals would come in frequently in Reiki sessions, meditations, CTT tapping group when tapping for each other, and in dreams. I really thought for a while it was my imagination just being really creative.  I finally realized this is my way of tapping into Spirit and the more I come to honor that the stronger it gets. It is like a whole language they are teaching me and I am finally listening!

This is how it works for me.  In a sacred Shaminic Journey meditation I meet with my guide Red Hawk and we call in an animal Spirit for the person who has requested it.  I find it easier if I have a recent photograph where I can see the person's eyes. It allows me to easily tune in to the person's frequency. 

Often there are different animals step up to give some words of wisdom, but then they step back.  The one who steps up boldly and makes themselves known in a big way is the one who wishes to work with the person at this time.  As the messages come through I voice record everything so I won't forget what happened (which is common in trance states).  Afterward, I usually pull a few cards to see if there is any clarification needed. Every time so far the cards line up perfectly with the message.  Then I transcribe the channeling for the person.  I have started using AI to generate pictures with descriptions of what I see on the Journey to illustrate the report with.  The process takes around 2 hours.

If a wool sculpture has been ordered I then will do some anatomy homework to get the proportions correct. The animal Spirit stays with me throughout the whole process. That is why I generally only channel one at a time. They stick around with their energy directing their totem creation. It might get a little crowded to have a line of them waiting. lol.  I learn a lot from them in the process. The time spent together they teach me more about the medicine and language of the animal Spirit.

Each 4-6" sculpture takes from 12-20 hours of felting to create. They direct me in their creation so they are not done until they say they are done. But generally average is 2 -4 weeks. Larger sculptures are available as well.  

Always Keep in mind, No animal Spirit is better than another.  A spider or snake has just as much beautiful and helpful energy to give as a lion or eagle.  They all have much to share. Trust that your helper is the one who chose you to work with at this time.  

Any message I get from them is personal to you and is what they wish you to know and the attributes they wish to share with you.  Be open to how that will manifest in your life. Surrender to the possibilities and new ways of seeing.  

Spirit Animal Sculptures

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