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-​CTT Past Life Session is a quick way to get to the root of a single issue that is causing problems in this life.  I lead you to quickly connect to what is appropriate to be released and we find the emotions that life is causing. Using a simple bilateral tapping method paired with a few phrases to quickly release stuck emotions from the body.  This remarkably simple technique is true modern-day magic. 

Often there will need to be a series of sessions to clear all the threads to this issue.  Or if it is quicky resolved in one session we can explore other issues or consciousness expansion in subsequent sessions.
-4-minute Miracle shows you how effective it can be...
-In the CTT Past Life Process we quickly and efficiently  access a past-life trauma that is affecting your life now. Each session raises your awareness and helps to clear away roadblocks to consciousness expansion.


I have been using CTT in my personal life and professionally since 2018.  It is something dear to my heart.


CTT Consciousness Transformation Techniques
-Past Life Process
Online via Zoom 
(Teach 4 Minute Miracle and do CTT Past Life Process session)


Packages available.



CTT Past Life session via ZOOM- 60-90min

  • I will contact you and we will decide on a day and time to meet on zoom for the session

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