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What is Enough? Expectations

Trance Practice 10-17-23

I'm Hearing Discontentment?

I'm going to ask a guide to step in for the information on discontentment.

Your soul story playing out in layers. I’m seeing layers. I guess the question is What is discontentment, and how can we be more content?

I'm seeing a little boy, it's a little tribal boy because it just has a little kind of cloth grass rope around the front of him and he's running around. His mom is sitting and weaving something while she's chewing on something. Everybody's busy. Doing their part to keep the village functioning and healthy.

We would feel out of place In this kind of setting. I'm seeing a man in an office chair and a white shirt and tie. He's like standing up and like tripping over the chair. He's like startled that he's found himself here when he was just at his desk and he is a little flustered and panicky. He doesn't understand. He thinks he must be dreaming.

Something about seeing between the lines, the lines being daily tasks. Each has daily tasks that they perform. Regularly.

They (the tribe) would equally would find themselves out of sorts if they found themselves in his environment. So highlighting the difference between contentment and resigning yourself to a routine, a rut.

All right, I'm going to try to bring someone in to speak on this, not to just tell me or show me but to actually speak. I'm going to practice the trance. Seeing through the window pane.

I'm getting a sense that it's the way you look at it. It’s a combination of your experiences and your expectations....

“ Expectations. follows no timeline of evolution. For one can be content in a situation in your time and another would be miserable. The degree of happiness or “contentment” one establishes in life is agreed upon in the subconscious mind of the individual based on what they feel they deserve, what they feel they have worked for , and by what they feel they are owed by those around them. A person can be completely content and then witness another rising above them in rank or stature, or possessions and suddenly will become dissatisfied.

This is an animal/primitive trait in the workings of the physical DNA. As you will also observe this in your dogs and your cats and your birds, primates…. that they will look to the other to see what they have and make sure their mate, friend or neighbor does not receive more.

The consciousness, the higher consciousness, of the person is what is required. The evolution of such to rise above this primitive programming and to FEEL the energetics of it and understand that wealth, power, and prestige are not things that can be measured equally or accurately.

Wanting to always be better than the other…..there will never be contentment. We say never in this lifetime will there be a feeling of contentment in an individual who does not rise above such notions and low-consciousness behaviors. And it is not to be judged, it is an observation. we say that those who are able to tap into their higher state of being could find contentment sitting on the hill staring at a blade of grass as the snow falls upon them.

Appreciation. appreciation for the beauty of the small things. For when one strives for …..more, the line blurred. The steps to achieving a so-called greatness could leave one at the end of this incarnation regretful and empty.

So the question is how to obtain contentment? And the oft-overused and brought up subject of gratitude, we say is, ….with much merit…., a great starting point. But so many give words to the exercise, but they do not engage the heart. They can repeat the mantras, I am grateful for my body. I am grateful for this sunny day. I am grateful for my family. But if they do not take a breath and actually feel into the core of their being, connecting those words with the emotion, imagining how wonderful it is, it will always fall short.

And the noise of the world will overtake them and they will sink into despair and wonder why they cannot find their joy, their happiness, their contentment. So again, it comes simply down to awareness. It is not a complicated thing. Humans are so complicated in their own right, and in turn wish to make complications of their lives and the teachings …..when it is simple. Simple in task, possibly not simple in execution …. if you are having the negative feelings. But we say take small steps.

What is it that you remember enjoying? Was it a nice warm bath when you were a child, where you splashed and you played with your toys. You dreamed up many scenarios, letting your imagination run wild and your skin wrinkle until it was time to get out of the bath , to your chagrin and disdain and disappointment.

Start there. Take a nice warm bath. You may even bring toys to play with. There is nothing wrong with bringing out the child in you and nurturing that part. Or if it pleases you, rose petals, lavender, ….light candles, dim the lights, read a book. It is important that you find these tiny, tiny things.

Perhaps it was going for ice cream on a hot day. Hearing the ice cream truck coming through your neighborhood perhaps. Remember those feelings. Remember how it felt to indulge the senses and the sugary sweetness. Find something like that. That is simple, easy, unencumber some.

And while you are doing this activity,….. to the fullest extent, take the time to FEEL it. Feel it from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes. Shooting out of your forehead…… Radiating with the joy and the pleasure of it. Over-exaggerate it…… to the point where it feels ridiculous and makes you laugh. Do these small things to reacquaint yourself with the FEELING…… the feeling of true contentment and gratitude.

Where in that moment…... All was right with the world and you were the king or queen of it. And as you do these, you will get better. And you will understand the difference between acting and actually feeling gratitude. And eventually you will get to the point where even in the bleakest moments……and perhaps even after a tragedy…. You will be able to reflect on a tiny nugget that is useful to be appreciated.

You won't see them unless you are looking for them. And just as you train your eye when you are searching for……hmmmmm, if you've ever searched seashell on a beach or for rocks on a river. It takes time to train the eye, but once it is trained and once you get the hang of it….. you see them popping up everywhere. And soon you have a beautiful collection…….stones, seashells, nuggets of wisdom.

Hold those precious. Make a habit of not concerning yourself with what the one beside you, your neighbor, your friend has. For as we said before, they could have all of the riches in the universe and never appreciate it for one moment. And you could have a handful of seashells and be the Maharaja. With gratitude my friends, that is our wise words for the day. And we leave you with this. Be content on purpose."

Thank You. Disconnecting


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