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Consistency/ Repetition

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Trance Practice 10-14-23

Alright. Alright, why all the flowery messages? They all sound the same?

"Consistency. Humans thrive on repetition,

that is how they learn." Seeing an elephant. The phrase “ an elephant never forgets.”

"Many times you need to see it from different places, often, frequent and consistent to internalize and understand. The messages are quite lovely if I do say so myself. *giggle*"

Let's see if I can ask for somebody specific. Ju Long? All right, we're going to practice, practice merging our energy and I would like for you to give whatever message you wish. I will allow you to do it as flowery as you like, whatever, whatever you need to do. Just come just come and speak with us please.

(Lots of Sneezing, and sneezing and snotting like crazy lol. This happens often to me when the energy comes in.)

"Variety is the spice of life, is it not? But we say for humans, consistency is how you learn . How you internalize. We speak this message through many. The messages of love and Peace, and the divinity within. For if you heard it from one avenue in one way, you could easily dismiss it, looking upon it as just one more piece of information to sift and filter.

But if we keep hitting you on the head with it...... from this angle, from that angle, from this teacher, from that teacher,....... you begin to internalize and begin to understand and analyze the teachings.

Much as those who only will follow the “good book”, as they call it, will cling to one understanding given to them by another as groups will also put their many flavors and spins and mmmmm…. avenues to truth and “salvation”. Judging others, muddying the waters and causing division as they close their minds. Never truly understanding, only following.

Similarly, this danger is that you become rigid in your thinking, and closed off to additional messages of wisdom from external and internal sources. And we say the internal source is the one we wish to direct you to. We do not recommend or endorse any outside sources, any outside sources. Let me reiterate …..ANY outside sources. We value, highest of all, the internal knowing within yourself, and we only wish to foster the trust of this. And we will continually harp on this…. to your dismay *smile*…. we understand. LOL

But The truth of it is, that you are your own guru. You are your own teacher. You are your own light. Everything can be accessed from within yourself. And many do not believe this. But perhaps if we say it over and over through many… and in different ways, taking different angles to drive the point home. At some point, the reluctant person will begin to peek inside……. will begin to sit with oneself and listen to the small whispers of their own spirit.

And that is all that we wish. And it is a very simple message.

And it takes very few words to convey this...... Trust thyself. ….Go within. ….Be your own light. ….

all these phrases can lose their meaning as they are bantered about and written into memes and written into songs. But it is a UNIVERSAL message. And we will continually look for new ways of conveying this, whether it be through words, through the energetic imprints of pictures, music…..

Because once everyone is looking within, that is when you will see the truth. The truth will be revealed. And YOUR truth is the only Truth. That is the Secret.

So many stand in judgment of the other. It would be quite easy to unite , and also allow for differences of belief and opinion. The human race is not quite there yet, but there are several small pockets of those who do just this. All is not lost.

Illumination, like millions of fireflies in the night, you will find your way. The message is simple indeed.

Directed to me personally….

The real wealth will come when you are prepared to bring us through for individuals on their own individual path for guidance. And That will be more tailored to their walk and their Journey. But as long as you continually ask us for the Collective. We will be giving the universal message.

For the collective:

"Close your ears and open your heart. Bottom line

You are in the driver's seat. You are in control. Whether you wish to take that responsibility or not, it is your responsibility. My friends, it is your responsibility to be the best that you can be. And some will be up to the task and some not quite yet. But it begins with the self. Visit Often"

I'm hearing the song Nature Boy.

Thank you. Disconnecting


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