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"Break on Through to the Other Side"

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Spirit Guide Message 10-11-23

What are you waiting for?

(I am going to post some guide messages as I practice Trance Mediumship. I hope there will be some helpful tidbits here. I am not perfect at this process, but practicing often to strengthen the connection. I may decide to include audio in some. )



{October 11th, 2023. Just going to see if my guides have any messages. My intention is to connect with only the closest guides that are connected to my soul. Highest Light

I'll try to do trance-channeling, we'll see what happens. we're going to go for a word. So, a word for the collective. Something I can share so that when others see it, it will inspire and uplift them. Something for the world, particularly those on a path of seeking.}

Transparency. The thin film …between this world and your world. You poke at it. You approach cautiously. Did you ever think to break through? “Break on through to the other side”. We say, gather your courage….. tenacity. Hold your breath and make the plunge. The only thing to fear is the unknown. Let’s make it known. Let's see what is there.

Fear is a construct. It holds you back. It is a hand on your arm. It is a hindrance to your growth. How will you know? How will you know unless you try? Could it be dangerous? Could it be detrimental? Possibly? All things of the unknown could be ANY possibility until it is embarked upon.

Could you find that you have wings if you were to leap?

Maybe you would have an air jet ski or a hoverboard? What would you create? For this world you wish to break into is a world of your own creation, and it bends to your rules, your desires, and what you expect, wish , to see is what you will.

What DO you want to see?

What would you like to create and bring back through? What would like to infuse into this gray world? Would you eat all of the sweeties and leave your peers in famine? Or would you create something beautiful that could be duplicated and distributed to all? We are not saying one is good and one is bad, one is more valuable than the other. We only ask, what is YOUR intention? For it is very important to be true to yourself. If yourself is selfish…. explore that. If yourself is generous…. explore that as well. Is it possible to be too generous? Is it possible to lay yourself aside for another and leech from your own bones to sustain those who will not, cannot, choose not, to find their own sustenance?

It is a choice. Once you explore different ways, then you will know which is your preference. But if you stand there, hand on the window pane, willing the fog to lift so that you could see. If you could JUST SEE what is on the other side. Then maybe I will go there. …Tsk tsk

Sigh….This is to a degree futile, but we will not say a waste of time. For time is what we have much of ….So you may choose to do this. But is there a better way.? is there a more fulfilling way? Could you just take a deep breath and put one foot forward and step through? What if I tumble and what if I fall through the galaxy, you say? What if I just begin to tumble into nothingness and be lost? We say, do you truly believe that? Do you truly believe we would allow you to languish in the dark and deary? Not for long we say to you for if it is what you wish to experience and what you need to experience to open your eyes, to look around and see all of the building blocks of creation are at your fingertips. We shall do that if it is your wish. But we see you in a different way. We see you soaring. We see you above the treetops looking down over the landscape. The master of your vehicle, the master of your emotions. But it begins….. it begins with a choice.

Okay, so I'm going to ask how can people find the courage to explore their consciousness.

... Sit. Quiet. Away from distractions. Oh, this does not sit well with many. Very, very attached to the devices, the distractions. Find the most natural place you can find. Sit comfortably. Breathe in the outside air and listen. Listen to the outside world, be it birds or wind, or leaves. Perhaps you can hear the rumble of the cars on a distant highway. It is all part of your experience. So just listen. Listen and contemplate. It is that simple. There is no efforting. Efforting is the opposite energy. The releasing, the letting go, the relaxing, and acceptance is what is needed. And the more you exercise this muscle of attention….the closer you become. And at some point, you will be challenged to step through. And at that moment of contemplation, of relaxing completely and allowing the veil to descend upon you and become one with the universe….. make the choice of allowing. … allowing a larger part of your energy to descend into your vessel for a moment and expand your awareness.

And you say, is this all? Is that it? That's so simple. It must be more…. complicated. No, it is not. The complications are created in your mind. For you feel like anything worth doing must be hard, must be a struggle, must be... Mmm, crossing the T's and dotting the I's and …passing the exam. And we say, no, there is no test. It just is. ……….Your confidence only grows with experience and so we say experience it all .EXPERIENCE. And bundle up your fear and leave it in a bag beside you for a while. It will be there if you so choose to pick it up later and carry it with you. But for now… Wonder what if, what if I were to sit in the silence? What if I were to let go? What would happen? Yes, what would?

Connecting to the light connecting to all that you are. You do not need to connect to anything external from yourself. Connect to your inner light and go. We know that discernment is rife with many possibilities of corruption,….. especially in this day and age of AI and many deceptive practices of your elite and controller governments. ….We say... You have to shrug all of that off and be open to the possibilities. Protect yourself with your own light. Growing it from your own heart. Placing it around yourself. Becoming your own vehicle, then go.

Many atrocities upon the world. You see these things and choose otherwise. You see these things and it hurts your heart.

Choose to be the light. Choose to be the love. Others may choose what they will. You must allow them. The more who choose themselves, the light of their beings, the stronger the light will grow in this world. And soon, there will be no atrocities, for it will be unconscionable to do so to another.

There are many still learning. There are still many Living in fear, power, control, …..everything comes down to love or fear. Those who control…….. fear being out of control, it controls them. They believe they are controlling others, but they are being controlled. And when they realize this, they may choose differently. The only one that you CAN make a difference with is yourself. And as you do so, it spreads to others. So we say to all, look within to your own light. Be that light, be that spark, and explore.

Much can be done across the veil that will affect this world. So make this your playground, your, as those who play video games would say, your sandbox. Let this be your sandbox and create everything you wish, become adept at creating the beautiful and the wonderful, and then bring that here. Make all of your mistakes and all of your miscalculations across the veil in your sandbox. And when you have a gem, you have a beautiful new program, bring it here, bring it here, and plug it in. That is how we will brighten all of the corners of the earth. When everyone learns to choose joy and love for self and for others.

I’m Seeing windshield wipers, windshield wipers. Cleaning off the lens so you can see. Cleaning off the lens so you can see. Cleaning it often.

Thank You- Disconnecting


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