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CTT- Consciousness Transformation Techniques

-Founder George Duisman

George Duisman is the Founder of this wonderful technique.  He began discovering the working parts of it around 10 years ago. He has led tapping groups for the last several years and through group cooperation the technique has been refined into a simple formula that works beautifully for Manifesting, receiving insights, and releasing traumas. Some methods that influenced and inspired the building of CTT are EMDR (using both sides of body), EFT (tapping yourself), and Ask and Receive (a portion of the wording)  

George says:
"If you are familiar with EFT aka tapping (, you probably know about the first 25% of its amazing power for healing, but there is more, MUCH more. Have you ever tapped to empower your imagination? Ever tapped and got insights? Did you know that you can tap to directly manifest the insights that you want? Have you ever tapped to send a difficult or blocked communication to someone without talking to them? Have you ever tapped to manifest circumstances or objects that you want? Have you ever tapped to improve your skills and or tapping processes? Have you ever tapped to manifest empowered intuition? Our little group has done all of these successfully and much more!"

How I would describe it it....In a nutshell CTT is a super simple tapping technique composed of 2 parts.  The heart is the tapping portion and when used by itself for demonstration purposes is called the "4 minute miracle"  After that we just call it CTT bilateral tapping.  Using a few simple words while tapping bilaterally 1 to 10 times on each side (most times on the arms).  This can be used to manifest, get insights, release emotions that have been stuck and so much more.  This is best done with a partner and is greatly increased when done in a group with everyone tapping for each other.  However, with no other options you can do this by yourself and be successful.  It is so much easier than EFT with no points to remember.

The real nitty gritty part is what could be called the CTT Past Life Process.   This is the most incredible thing.  This is not Hypnosis.  It is quick and very few words.  But most people can tune right into a Past Life Trauma that is holding them back.  Yes you could tap on this issue or emotion tied to this life and have some success with just 4 Minute Miracles.  BUT, when you reach back through time and space and pull it out at the root it ripples through your timeline and clears it in a giant whoosh!

Look at it this way.  You have a stuck emotional Trauma, perhaps this is a pattern reaching back into other incarnations.  It is much easier to look at it and deal with.  You are seeing it, but it is not a part of your Life now.  So you do not have the same resistance you do as when looking at a Trauma in this current life.  We reach right back to the origin using our God-Mind/ part of us that knows how to  and using language and physical tapping we release it right out of the body.  As it goes, so does the issues and triggers in this life that had their roots there.  Sometimes great insights come from these sessions and sometimes guides show up even.  It is really interesting what happens when we just ask the part of us that knows.

Samples of CTT below.  It can be super quick or take around an hour.
So many exciting things are happening with the expansion of CTT!  Some practitioners can be led to tap into incredible knowledge and bring forth great information for all of us.  We have only just scratched the surface of what we can do when we clear the debri!

*We lost George Oct 8th 2022, He is no doubt continuing consciousness expansion from the other side.  He is dearly missed.




Bobby  Baronowski interviews George Duisman Sept2018

​Radio Interview

4 Minute Miracle

A 4 Minute Miracle is the nickname for the demonstration of the tapping and what it can do.  You are asked to come up with something that is from a single simple event that still brings up an emotion in you above a 5  in intensity. (on a scale from 1-10) The simple tapping point is shown and we tap to let go and heal that issue.  It is so awesome to see people's faces after the tapping when they can no longer find that emotion when thinking about that event!  I will never get tired of that.

Sample 4 Minute Miracle audio with George

Sample 4 minute Miracle Video

CTT for manifesting 

The bilateral tapping can be used in the positive for asking the deepest highest part of you for what you want/need/ or for fun.  You can play with it and ask for an ice cream cone, flowers, or just a synchronicity.  When you have some success you can increase your boundaries of what is possible. 

If you have a fork in your road such as a decision about a job or relationship or just what pair of skates to buy, use CTT to talk to your higher power.

"There is a part of me that knows how to manifest ...... "  
This is especially powerful with another person or a small group

Tapping Groups

A tapping group is a great way to boost manifestation power!  In a group we generally will tap to create a space for our work, for discovering our Treasures, Healing for Mother Earth, for a Key person or Being that is doing great work for the Earth to be boosted, and then for one thing for each of us and many time one for the whole group.  The energy is amplified when we gather together and it is incredible how fast things happen after group tapping.  

There is nothing like Team work and having support of others on their path. 

CTT for clearing intense emotions

Intense emotions can be tough, uncomfortable, and interfere with all areas of life.  To get relief fast you can use CTT bilateral tapping to release them.  Let's say someone took advantage of you with no apology or acknowledgement and you have stewed on this for weeks, months or even years.  How would if feel to be free of the emotion every time you think of it?  

Many times you are triggered strongly because this event is an energetic remembrance from a past life.  If this is the case being guided in a CTT Past Life Session 

CTT Past Life Process 

If there is something that triggers you, or something that bothers you greatly and it is disproportionate to anything that has happened in this life.  This is a great method for finding the root cause.  Victim/ Perpetrator can be explored to show how you may have once caused the very thing that is causing you pain.  

PTSD gone in minutes. CTT by George Duisman

Healing Inner Child- CTT by Natasha Parvin

Example of a First CTT Past Life session 

CTT Surrogate Past Life Sessions

If you are having trouble connecting with your own Past Life Trauma a Surrogate session can be done.  Surrogate just means that someone who has had sessions before and has a talent for tuning into not only their Lives, but to can tune in to them for someone else.

I have had a surrogate session and it was amazing.  Video below...

High Level Consciousness Session CTT

This is the most exciting benefit with CTT!  It seems that Consciousness Transformation can be achieved in as little as a dozen sessions or take 100 or more.  However, when it happens it is spectacular!  Each Trauma that is moved and released opens up your Consciousness for expression just a little bit more and after enough is release magic can happen.  Getting connected to your higher knowing is Beautiful and Humbling. 
Things such as opening of Spiritual gifts, Remote viewing abilities,  deep connection with Source/God, and access to the vast library of creation.
Just one example below.
There are more and growing on my youtube channel as I get time to edit and post them.

A Few Sessions I have Facilitated

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