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Eternal Flame

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Trance Mediumship Practice 10-13-23 Any message for the collective, particularly those who feel called to step out and work with the light?

"The Time of the Harvest-"

I'm seeing Native American people, and they are gathered in celebration. They are bringing in the Harvest and they're singing & dancing, enjoying each other's company, being grateful. Seeing the little children. They are innocent and pure having a good time.

“We have been calling the seekers. Those who wish to know more.”

{Okay. I'm telling them that I don't want anything fluffy or froufrou. I don't have a lot of patience for that kind of thing. I like solid, usable advice. }

Getting the song “Wrecking Ball”

Okay, so I'm just going to drop down and find a word for the collective.

I see a candle and the flame is dancing back and forth. It's a bit windy. I'm sheltering the candle a bit so that the wind doesn't hit it harshly and put out the flame.

Hearing a song “Close your Eyes, give me your hand….

Eternal flame. That's the name of the song. That could be why I saw the candle.

Okay. What else? Who would like to elaborate?

“ It's madness to think that we just end. The Spark in the heart of God/Source/Central Sun….Whatever terms you like to use. Always burning, always flowing, dynamic, beautiful to behold. If you could but touch one-tenth of this power and understand the entirety of who you are as an individualized consciousness. Though part of the all is its own…… "

I'm seeing it as universe or ecosystem or like a complete, something that's complete but also part of the whole. I don't know a fancier way to say that. Alright, let me see if I can get someone in to speak through me since that is the practice after all. Okay, relax.

“You can go about pretending with your cloak around your light….. and seeing yourselves as these tiny things that move through life and have tasks of this and that and this and that …..and all the while beneath the spark is burning bright and yearning to be released. ……and to be utilized and to connect back to the thread of all.

Many times over. From the birth to the grave, this spark has waited patiently for you. At times it would be discovered and utilized and burned brightly and joyfully. ……In this incarnation, it is time for you to understand the depth of love for you and the potential that you possess.

-We are attempting to do this with as much straightforward energy and as little fluff as possible as our medium has requested. -

"We see it in you, we see this universe lying inside this pearl waiting to be unlocked, a gateway into vast universes outside but inside of yourself. It is becoming easier now to access this spark of divinity. And we encourage all those who wish to utilize and nurture this lovely light . ……If you choose not to, it will still be there. It will still be the spark, it will still be you. ….And all is correct and all is right. But we say to just imagine the possibilities and the things that you could create if you harness this nuclear power plant of creative energy within you!

A simple exercise to focus within… to the center of your being to see this white-hot spark of infinite potential. Being aware is the biggest part of the battle. For once you are aware of it, you will not will forget it. Calling upon this light within will feed and grow the love inside. And the universe will begin to come through you through, through your vessel and into this world through this positive energy portal of the heart.

Allow it to guide your eyes to see others and other situations, with this lens of love and acceptance. You do not have to understand the world around you. Surround yourself with this love light of your own spark of divinity. And it will transmit to you the greater knowledge and mysteries of the Universe.

-Our Medium is getting a little annoyed with the “cryptic” type message and we do not wish to make this hard to understand. It is hard to put into words a concept that has not been experienced, or that has not been ….widespread…common knowledge… in your culture and….. species.-

"Awakening lost knowledge within you. For in other lifetimes you were able to utilize this in many ways, good and not so good. And we say to you that now is the time for you to blossom and to become a master. There has never been a better time. A more ripe time for the harvest of your abilities.

And we say that if you trust within yourself, all will be right and all will be shown to you. The most direct way, the safest way, is for you to connect to your light…. your light within. Not a guru outside of yourself. Not the advice of a friend or a teacher. Not our words here and now today. But what is within the portal of your heart…. for you have access to the massive information.

And once you own that, and once you decide that you will utilize this power…..We can see you blossoming into a beautiful race of beings with compassion, empathy, and above all, Joy and honor for this planet that you inhabit. This is an evolution of sorts and it will not happen in one day. But each, individually, can make a difference in your own world. And those within your world. Your sphere of influence of your family, close friends, those that you love. They will see this change in you and they will feel the love and energy radiating from the core of your being. And they will long to be near that beautiful light that is connected to the ALL. And by standing in your radiant energy field, like a tuning fork, it will vibrate the core of their own being and help them to connect to their light. And, shall we say, like a domino effect of light bulbs going off, the whole world will illuminate.

And we are eager to see this.

We are eager for you to begin. We are eager for you to…. be afraid, but do it anyway. Fear holds NO power here.

Connect to the light and you will Be the light, the light of the world, an infinite beautiful star… an uplifter of all. And we honor you. "

Thank you. Disconnecting


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