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" The feathers of your wings will grow plump and strong and wide. And you will be carried; oh you will be carried and loved as you were always meant to be."
ed Hawk (my primary Spririt Guide)

Remote Spirit Release
w/Spiritual Health Check

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Remote Spirit Release Therapy is a therapeutic practice that involves clearing negative energies, entities, and spiritual attachments from a person’s energy field without the need for them to be physically present. This therapy is based on the belief that spiritual disturbances can affect a person's mental, emotional, and physical well-being. When a person has their Soverignty back they can move forward empowered and clear.

Soul Star Shamanic Journey
 Journey on your Behalf 

Energy Tools for Empowerment 
and Connection

Wearable Orgone Energy Devices

orgonite energy nature pendant with moldavite and meteorite
orgonite energy nature pendant with abalone and ammonite

CTT- Consciousness Transformation Techniques 
ast Life Process- Finding and releasing an issue from the Root

A simple yet powerful tapping technique designed for manifesting, receiving insights, and releasing traumas.  Influenced by methods such as EMDR, EFT, and Ask and Receive, CTT has evolved into an effective formula for various healing and manifesting purposes. I guide you in a simple process to access a past life that is the root of a current issue.

SRT is a powerful Spiritual healing technique that works with your subconscious mind by accessing your Akashic soul records to release energetic blockages that have accumulated over your past and present lives. These blocks have a negative impact on our spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing and interfere in our daily lives.

A great maintenance After Care option after a Remote Spirit Release Session, to clear before a hypnosis session, or as a lazer focus on specific issues.

*Sessions can be done in person or Remotely.  The client can be present or can be done absentee with report sent afterward.

I am currently training in this modality and will have a discounted introductory price available very soon! Each session is around 60-90min.

Contact for more info!

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